Job Prospects and Career Options for a BA Economics graduate

BA Economics
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Wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics and know more about the career prospects it has to offer?

Then read this article to find out about some of the career opportunities and prospects that earning a BA in Economics qualification can bring to you!

You may be surprised at the variety of different career options, salary offered, job profiles, and scope of higher education that universities in Uttarakhand offer.

Job Prospects For a BA Economics Graduate: 

1. Finance and Budget Analyst

These professionals gather and analyze financial data, as well as employ their findings to suggest business decisions for companies.

 They may also conduct auditing to assess financial operations and ensure that businesses are running efficiently.

2. Banker

Their primary role is to sign in new clients and assist them in the onboarding processes.

This includes opening and closing accounts, managing client bank accounts, and overseeing transactions (processing deposits, payments, and withdrawals).

3. Market Analyst

In this position your responsibilities will involve researching consumer behavior, tracking advertising costs, as well as exploring market trends and opportunities.

You are expected to be comfortable with processing and analyzing marketing data and have experience with PPC campaigns.

4. Economist

This refers to experts who study the demand and supply of goods, resources, and services.

They do so by researching trends, collecting, and analyzing data, and evaluating economic outcomes.

5. Economic Writer or Journalist

You will spend your time exploring global business issues and complex economic topics that need to be broken down into simpler terms.

The most important interpersonal skills that you should possess include the ability to communicate in writing and verbally without bias.

6. Investment Administrator and Analyst

This job role will require you to conduct research, produce analytical reports, and create financial models.

Besides collecting information, you will also engage in analyzing assets, such as stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

7. Sales Executive or Analyst

These experts help companies optimize operational and promotional efforts by thorough the prediction and analysis of sales trends and markets.

The primary goal is to evaluate and identify trends in sales by analyzing industry data, from both outsides and within a company.

8. Human Resources

Your functions will include training and monitoring performance, where you will be accountable for hiring, and retaining employees.

Providing counseling and supporting the implementation of HR initiatives is what you must be focusing on.

9. Operations Manager

In this case, you will be accountable for managing quality assurance programs and strategize process improvements.

Your goal is to maintain and increase the efficiency of a business, agency.

Excited to get on board with the above-mentioned professional roles?

To achieve this, all you need to do is learn basic economics first!

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