Learn How to Create the Perfect Sushi Rolls


Every time I encounter a Japanese made or Japanese inspired gadget or invention, I become either amazed or amused.  When I saw this odd looking contraption, I first thought that it was for some kind of construction procedure, like the ones they use to apply silicone sealant on glass windows.  I then realized that it was actually making sushi rolls when I saw the other pictures.  It both amazed and amused me, I actually laughed a little.  It’s one of the many Japanese contraptions and they call this the Sushi Bazooka.

Not all people have the patience or at least the skill to create the perfect sushi roll.  I for one seldom get the right shape or the right thickness.

Using the Sushi Bazooka, you’d create the perfect sushi roll every time.  It measures approximately 29.5cm in length and 5.5cm in width, made out of food safe plastic material.  To use it, you just split the tubing part in half, place the cooked Japanese rice on each half, add the other ingredients in the middle, and then closing the tube, compressing all the rice mixture inside.  Then it’s just a matter of pushing the mixture out with the plunger.  You’ll have a perfect cylindrical sushi roll which you can then wrap with a seaweed.  Cut into several pieces and then they’re ready to be served.  Less mess and hassle.

If you’re interested in buying one, the Sushi Bazooka is available at Strapya World and costs around $26.


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