Kenguru: Drive From Wheel Chair Electric Vehicle


This is Kenguru and it is the first “drive from wheel chair” electric vehicle.  Unlike other cars for the disabled, wherein the disabled person is only a passenger, this car was created to be controlled by people on wheelchairs.  Wheelchair bound people will now become more mobile and more independent.

Kenguru has only one door, opened with a remote control, on the rear to allow access by a wheelchair.  From there, the driver may now control the car via a motorcycle type handlebars that controls the steering, acceleration, and brakes.  The car runs on batteries which power its 2-kW motors with a maximum speed of 45 kph (28mph).


It was initially developed by a Hungarian company and was then further developed by a Texan lawyer Stacy Zoern.

It is currently priced at Us$25,000 and is set to be launched in the US in around 6 to 12 months.

Below is a video showing the Kenguru in action:



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