How to Start a Dunkin Donuts Franchise


dunkin-donuts-logoThe Dunkin Donuts Franchise story began in 1946 in the US as a company, named Industrial Luncheon Services owned by Mr. William Rosenberg, delivering meals and coffee to factory workers in Boston, Massachusetts.  In 1950, the name “Dunkin Donuts” became its official name.

Because of the quality of products it has been producing, it grew into a successful business and in 1960, Mr. Rosenberg, with the an International Franchising Association, started its franchising model.

dunkin donutsIn the Philippines, operated by Golden Donuts Inc., the first Dunkin Donuts Franchise store opened in Quad Car Park, which is now Park Square, in Makati in 1981.

It then started opening more Dunkin Donuts shops all over Metro Manila, from dine-in shops to take-out booths, becoming a popular brand of “pasalubong” in the Philippines.

Dunkin Donuts currently serves a variety of donuts, sandwiches and drinks.  Their premium donuts include the “Oatmeal, Raisin, and Cranberry”, Kreme Berry Caramel, Supreme Rocky Road, Choco Butter Crunch, Dark Choco Berry, etc.  Their Classic Donuts include Sugar Raised, Strawberry Kreme, Strawberry Filled, Bavarian Filled, etc.

Dunkin Donuts Franchising Packages

The Dunkin Donuts Franchise currently offers 3 business models.

  1. Chainstore Model – a take-out booth which is applicable for convenience stores or canteens.
  2. Dealership Model – investment starts at around 200,000 which is inclusive of the franchising fee, security deposit, and equipment and materials needed.
  3. Area Franchising – this is awarded to an individual or company and is required to put up a production center and build up the area that was agreed upon.

Application Requirements

Interested parties are required to submit the following:

  1. Address of preferred area or location.
  2. Photos of the proposed site.
  3. Details about the proposed location.
  4. Vicinity Map.
  5. Letter of intent including applicant’s contact details.

Contact Details

If you are interested in getting a Dunkin Donuts Franchise, you can contact them through any of their contact details listed below:




Telephone Nos.: (02)988-7300 loc. 251 / 286 / 287, (02)988-7333

Address: #733 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, Philippines


    LYDERSON Arcade, Km 81 Maharlika Highway San Roque San Pablo City Laguna is inviting qualified commercial and office lessees to present their intent to lease, 60 sq. m and 32 sq. m units are available.
    All interested lessees may contact Albrighton Corporation’s Marketing/Accounting Department or call 049(5612048/5612049/09228806020 and loo for Ms. Annie.
    In case of scheduled meetings, we request the interested parties to bring their Securities and exchange Commission (SEC) or Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) Certificates and Mayor’s Permit.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi,
    We went there in your main branch in Pasig last January 2017 to inquire about franchising but they told us that you’re not accepting franchise now.

  3. Hello,
    Ian very much interested in franchising Dunkin Donuts, Please give all the details who can call or place I can go to talk to someone that can help me doing business with your great company,
    Thanks a lot

  4. Hi, Im interested to francise dunkin donut. How much cost i need to join to your company. Please reply.


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