How To Start a Vente Franchise


vente-logoThe Vente franchise was founded by Cindy Ponce and George Quitoriano under the Filshoppes Company. Vente offers products for as low as 20 pesos by importing their merchandise directly thus giving their customers quality affordable products.

Vente is a good investment for businessmen who would like a low cost and low risk franchise.  In the past 5 years, the Vente franchise has expanded to over 30 company-owned branches and 8 franchisees located at the top malls across the Philippines. The growing demand and support from their loyal customers prove that Vente is becoming a young power player in the business world.  With that being said, Vente recently opened up for franchising.

Vente boasts their franchising advantage such as a unique retail concept with a wide range of quality merchandise that includes fashion accessories, toys, novelty items and school supplies among others.  Vente has an average profit margin of 50% which translates to an average mark-up of 100% for franchisees.  A return policy that allows franchisees to return merchandise up to 3 months after purchase which is usually not included in other franchises and has a realistic return of investment of 6 months to 18 months for the kiosk package and 1 year to 3 years for store packages. Vente also has a tangible investment where 85% to 92% of the franchise package is in either merchandise inventory or renovation and fixtures with 67% to 83% worth of merchandise at suggested retail price included in the franchise packages maximizing profit for the franchisee.


Vente Franchise: The Packages

Here are the Vente franchise packages available for franchisees to choose from.

Kiosk Type

The Vente kiosk that has an area of 4 square meters and costs 300,000 pesos.  This includes an initial inventory worth 100,000 pesos with a selling price of 200,000 pesos, renovation costs around 100,000 pesos including rental fees and fixtures and equipment worth 25,000 pesos. It also includes the franchise fee for 3 years amounting to 75,000 pesos which includes training of franchisees and staff, manual based operations, site evaluation, 10 days on site training and store set up and store design with an estimated 6 months to 12 months return of investment.

The 6 square meter kiosk costs at 350,000 pesos and an inventory cost of 120,000 pesos with double the selling price and 130,000 pesos worth of renovation.  Everything else is virtually identical to the 4 square meter kiosk package.

 Store Type

The 15 square meter store package costs 375,000 pesos which includes 125,000 pesos worth of inventory and a doubled profit, 100,000 for renovation and 75,000 worth of fixtures and equipment.  A projected 6 months to 15 months return of investment.

The 40 square meter package costs 550,000 pesos which includes 200,000 pesos worth of merchandise than can double the cost for profit.  A renovation cost of 150,000 with a 125,000 budget for fixtures and equipment, 10 months to 18 months return of investment.  Everything else is similar to the 15 square meter store.

Contact Details

For more information on the application process, you may contact them through any of their details below:




Phone No.: (02)655-1092

Fax No.: (02)369-2733

Address: Vente Compound #21 Molave Street, Octagon Village, Barangay Dela Cruz, Pasig City, Philippines