Growing More Money This New Year

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With the New Year coming, let us grab the opportunity to start anew, especially when it comes to financial aspects. It is always the best time to reassess our goals financially or even setting a new one to finally purchase what we have been dreaming in the past years. Of course, it is very important to pay off all the credit card bills we have spent during Christmas to start off. Experts say, that it is very essential to set aside a portion of our salaries/incomes to be able to save. One of the most important factors in saving is discipline. We must learn how to control spending, only buy things that we need as opposed to what we desire.

Here are some tips in saving money:

  1. Lessen the television hours – this will give you lesser exposure to advertisements that induce you to buy stuff (mostly unnecessary), electricity consumption will be lesser too and the list goes on.
  2. Collect all the customer reward programs and sign up to join as much as you can.
  3. Keep a ‘30 – day list’, whenever you feel the urge of buying something, list it down and get back to it in 30 days. Most of the time, you do not need that anymore.
  4. Whenever you go shopping, make a list and stick to it strictly.
  5. Opt for house parties instead of shelling out a lot of hard-earned cash dining out with friends.
  6. Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. It does not only do your body good, it also will help you eat lesser as you’ll feel full if you do before every meals.
  7. Ditch fast foods and convenient foods, it will also make you healthier.
  8. If you have any bad and expensive habits such as drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugs, it is the best time to quit.
  9. Installing LED bulbs around the house is a good way to save money too.
  10. When shopping for groceries do a price comparison and go for the shop that offers the same brand/quality at cheaper prices.
  11. When you are stressed out, avoid shopping.
  12. Do your holiday shopping right after the holiday has finished, as shops have sales during these time. Save the gifts for next year.
  13. Jazz up your leftover foods for next meal.
  14. Dress minimally.
  15. Cut your own hair.
  16. Carpool
  17. Live in a cheaper place.
  18. Eat lesser meat, it will not only cost you cheaper, but is great in your health as well.
  19. Buy items in bulk.
  20. Look ahead in the bright future. Never give up, ever!